A mighty thought in progress

 I’ve been thinking. I know that’s a very dangerous thing to do without supervision…but I was did just the same. I work for a company that specializes in keeping us healthy as we go down that road to degradation, towards the off ramp of getting older. I look around the office to see woman coming in who look as if they just grabbed their high school diploma on the way to the job interview.

In our society, this is how we’ve been made to feel inadequate to our younger counter parts. WELL NO MORE I TELL YOU!! We can’t stop aging but we can stop the aging process. I’ve decided I’m not going to age. I will not go into the dark night without a fight.

I live in the hub of healthy, the realm of free range, and the great grander of the green grocer. Oh and living side by side  of the hippie-top of the hippiest people in NC. Free to be, free to live and live free of anything and all things harmful to my body.

Chanting…I will take advantage of my environment. I will drive past Burger King (No matter how good those charbroiled burgers smell). I will not frown when offered a cool glass of water instead of a strawberry daiquiri, and as God is my witness, I shall order my mocha latte skinny, half-and-half, with NO whip cream.

Okay, so that’s my thought for today. So today I’m living, eating and thinking healthy. We’ll see what happens tomorrow. I mean, I don’t wanna rush into anything.

BTW, I don’t care how cute they are. I will never, ever, never wear Crocs. I don’t care how many cute, adorable colors they come in. J


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