Archive | 18 May 2008

My first contest entry

Well I entered my first writing contest a week ago. It was for 400 words, the theme was a female finally telling a man that she wanted him. Seems easy enough right?

NO IT ISN’T! Attempting to put your thoughts into words and descriptions of a characters emotions turns out to be a very difficult feat. I envy the greats who can pumped out 20,000 words in a day. That’s superhuman in my opinion, and I bow at their feet declaring…”I’m not worthy, I’m not worthy.” They have turned into my inspiration. Thank you WM authors!

I can finally say I did it! It was the first step to getting my work out there and read by a lot of different people. I didn’t make the first cut but what a rush it was waiting to see how my story would hold up. I also found the it does hurt a little to be rejected but that was over in seconds. 😛 After falling off, I jumped right back on that horse and continued on writing. In fact I don’t think I can stop.

The smoke of the first wave has cleared, and the finalist have been announced. Let’s give a hand to my WM sisters Ali and Jennifer Y! Both ladies entered a fine piece of work. If you haven’t read the stories head over to  Prop your feet up read them all and then cast your vote!