Got dirty windows?

We get gundreds of emails everyday. Some are notes from long loved friends. Some may come from a relative that lives far away and just wanted to check in. Some are from folks you know that just likes to share pictures of their latest kitty picture. Then of course there is the dreaded spam wanting to help you make her happy in bed, even though you neither need or want their assistance.

Then there are the ones the make you giggle all day long or the aw that’s so sweet email. But every once in a while someone sends that oh so perfect email. The one that makes you giggle. The one that makes you blush. The one that makes you say awwwwww. The one you’re are so glad you received and sometime it can just make your day.

And now I present to you the email of the day sent to me today by a co-worker. It just had everything. Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Got dirty windows?

  1. You want to hear a funny. I sent you sight to some friends, telling them about the men in uniform blog. Well, the all came down to this one. That was a cute surprise.

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