Why do we love our men in uniform?

Who is sexier, Fireman, Policeman, Rescuers, Doctors or Pilots? Let’s not forget the military with their SEALS (A WriteMinded favorite), Pathfinders, Delta Force, Green Beret, and Rangers. Got you in my sight

Have you ever found yourself pulled over by a hot man in uniform, on a warm summer’s day, watching as he walks back to his cruiser thinking, “He could frisk me any day?” Instead of worrying about the unpaid parking tickets he’ll find once he pulls up your license.

Picture yourself, standing outside a burning building contemplating running in so you could be rescued by the hot firemen that are on the scene. With their soot covered faces, smoke rising off their backs, axe in hand as they walk casual from the building? I said CASUALLY WALKING! Is there any wonder we think they’re so HOT!

Camouflage anyone? Having daydreams about being rescued by a lick-able Naval SEAL who has just emerged from the ocean in a tight fitting wet suit?

How does the God Complex work for you? Is it the mere fact of knowing that before your doctor touched your hands, he may have just held an actual beating heart in his, as he gave the gift of life?

What is it about a man in uniform that gets the juices flowing? Or is it the uniform at all? Whatever the reason, we’ve been admiring men in uniform for quite awhile now. And I don’t think we plan to stop anytime soon. The only way it could get any better is if the uniform and body is matched by a sexy accent, and at this point ladies, just surrender.

So the next time you’re feeling a little flushed over a daydream you may have had after seeing a man in uniform, just SEALremember you’re not alone. AND YOU NEVER WILL BE!!!


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  1. Love it! Love it! Love it!. I’m gonna save this! I’m gonna send your link to some friends at work tomorrow.

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