Isn’t there a nicer way to say this?

How many magazines out there today are throwing ads at us with claims to make us look younger, take off ten years? Or how about the television shows that want us to throw our clothing away to wear to wear some new hip and with style they think will make us look so much better.

Ageing is not a disease. It is not a horror show that has us walking the earth frightening the twenty-somethings hanging off of Hugh Hefner’s arm. Listen up world we’re trying to embrace the ageing process as best we can but you’re making it difficult. Not to mention pissing us off with so many articles, books and products that tell us HEY! YOU WITH THE WRINKLE! GO COVER YOURSELF!

Attempting to scare us by informing us of how horrible we look doesn’t work for us anymore. How about getting onboard with the smart process of anti-aging. It’s not in a jar or bottle. It’s not on a patch or informercial. It’s inside us. And if we choose not to use then it’s our decision. We don’t need another product to put in the medicine cabinet or on our dressers. We’ll work on the outside when we’ve got the inside right. Because that’s the only way it all works together.

To sum it up in three words…WE GOT THIS! Now get some real women on tv, in the ads and some real results and maybe just maybe we’ll consider making a purchase. Ok, I think I’m finished.


7 thoughts on “Isn’t there a nicer way to say this?

  1. One of the reasons I love (and buy and totally endorse) the Dove ads and products is because they feature real women of all ages and shapes and sizes..including healthy women with wrinkles, as an image of real and true beauty. I can so get behind that.

  2. There’s is way too much quilt being spread around about how we may look to someone else. I love Dove’s products especially their body wash. Totally Excellent!:P

  3. Great post, Nannette 🙂 totally agree with you.
    And, I have to agree with Jaci, I love those Dove ads… wish everyone could see it like that.

  4. Okay finally commenting – You hit the nail on the head. I love the Dove commercials, but I’m allergic to Dove.:(


  5. Great post. I love the way all those cosmetics companies have talked us into believing that over forty is a bad thing. I’ve got news, that’s when a woman starts to hit her stride…sexually and otherwise. So they better hope we look good! Au naturale! lol

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