The paranormal creature you will be after you die


You are the creature of the night, and people can either be revolted or be absolutely amazed by you, even if you might not really care. You are a very versatile creature, and your lifestyle varies for all of you, depending on your preferences and personalities. It could be that you prefer to live on your own without anybody bothering you or perhaps you spend your life with one of your companions sharing your kills and preys together. But either way, you need the blood to stay alive and it’s in your nature to kill people, so you have your own tactics to do this. It’s possible that you kill your victims without any hesitation or time wasting, without them even really knowing what came over them, or perhaps you do exactly the opposite and take the time to get to know your victim and for them to get to know you, or perhaps even fall in love with you.. It could be that you live in a crypt on a cemetery, or in a huge mansion in the middle of a forest, it’s entirely your choice. Most of the time you will probably get what you want anyway, and you have for all eternity to get whatever it is you always wanted, and to do whatever it is you always wanted to do.. And who or whatever it is that will try to stop you from it, will most likely pay for it.

Your colour: Blood red
Your weather: Anything without any sun
Your element: Death
Your pet will be a: Deadly snake

I’ve taken two different creature test and still I come out on the vamp end. I’m not at all surprised by the outcome. I absolutely adore the world of vampires, dark, sexy and erotic. Vampires to me are beautiful yet very deadly. I am most definitely a creature of the night. I thrive in darkness, sunlight not so hot, so to speak. Even my husband picks at me about my hatred of the sun and light. What can I say? I like the dark and more so I like the things that go bump in the night…and the things that bump back. 😉

Click here to take either test or heck take them both!  Cynthia Eden’s Test  / Quizilla

The picture above is made by the very talented Victoria Frances.


One thought on “The paranormal creature you will be after you die

  1. I just took the test, I’m a vampire too. And I just thought i was a night owl. 🙂
    P.S. The quiz didn’t say anything about howling at the full moon. 🙂

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