Are you a Sexual Kitty?

That’s right I said it. Sexual Kitty. Some women may see this as an insult but I see it as a kick ass compliment. Have you ever watched a cat? They’re independent; they are brilliant hunters and they move gracefully even when on the prowl.

We start out the gates with the Kitten, a young woman in her twenties who like to be playful with her mates. Fun is the name of the game.

Then we move on to the exotic Puma, a woman in her thirties looking for younger men, this woman in now in Cougar training.

Now we move on to the most know killer of them all…THE COUGAR.

Woman over 40 who date younger men. Men have been younger woman for years so why is it so different for woman? If you ask me being called a Cougar would be the best compliment there is after 40. LOL  It simply means you’re older, sexy and unbelievably hot.

Not to mention Cougar are in good company. Demi Moore is the current “poster child” for cougars because of her relationship with her 16-years-younger hubby, Ashton Kutcher.   Before Ashton she had a lineup with little young hotties such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Owen Wilson, Colin Farrell and Tobey Maguire. Not too shabby Demi! She’s my hero. J

Oh so you think, “Oh I’m a mother, no one sees me as sexy.” Yeah right. Do I have to say it again DEMI MOORE! HALLE BERRY! Don’t make me pull the MILF card. So my younger brother tells me Golden Cougars range in age from 30 and over.

After forty it actually breaks down into categories. We can still be hot ladies after our forties. Let’s take a look at the hungry Jaguar, a woman 50 or older and interested in younger men. The Jaguar is powerful and she hunts alone.

So see ladies we have a long and prosperous life indulging in the younger man. Why not enjoy it and enjoy it without worrying what others think. I myself am a Cougar, I married a younger man and we’ve had fun for seventeen years. Are you proud to be a cougar?

And a word of advice for those younger men out there who are out looking for a Cougar of their own, ask yourself one thing. Are you hunting them or are you being hunted?



4 thoughts on “Are you a Sexual Kitty?

  1. I dunno…my sons are always making fun of me, especially when I kiss my hubby or make a commet that the hubby should only know it’s meaning and I hear: “Gross, Mom, do you have to scar my mind like that?”

    Gah! Kids!

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