Win Archeron or Breaking Dawn!


Two great books are up for grabs at Book Binge, Breaking Dawn, book 4 in the Twilight Series by Stephanie Meyer and Acheron, book 12 in the Dark Hunter Series by Sherrilyn Kenyon.

Two of the most most anticipated books of each series to date and Book Binge is giving away a copy of each.  In order to be entered you need to leave a comment on on their site telling them which book you want and why.

The contest will end Monday, August 4th at noon. So hurry on over there and leave comment!


2 thoughts on “Win Archeron or Breaking Dawn!

  1. Hi Nette! Just thought I’d drop by and drop a line. Do you know that I am sooo behind the times. I just read my very first Dark Hunters series book last month. I’ve vowed not to read Acheron until I’ve finished a few more of them. Sadly, I have read Stephanie Meyer at all and she’s all I hear about when I go into a bookstore these days.

  2. I waiting on this one myself. I have so many other ahead of it and I want to enjoy it when I do read it. My 13 Y.O. loves Stephanie Meyer. She purchased the book last Friday and she’s almost finished with it. The kid is a reader!

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