It’s Official!

As of 16 August 2008, I became a contracted author! I always wondered what it would feel like when it finally happened. Let me tell you words cannot express how happy I am. Have you ever had a continuous smile on your face that no one could take away? Well that’s me. Every time I think about it, I begin to smile. I thought I’d come back and give you a little more about how this came to be.

This past January I was sitting around the house watching my daughters play this new video game. The game was excited and cutting edge. The only problem was they finished it. I listened to them talk about where the story would go from there. That gave me an idea. I hadn’t pick up a pen, pencil or computer (well I guess I really didn’t have to pick it up but you get the picture) in over sixteen years. Thanks to my daughters, I started to write again. I began to write a continuation of the story they had begun in the game. That story lit a spark in me that I didn’t know still existed.

I got online searching for information about how to write and where to write. I found a little website called Fanfiction. That little spark began to burn. I continued to write the story and shared it with others who would tell me where I went wrong. With words like, POV, first person, second person, third person, I began to wonder which person was I. 😉

In my search, I found the WriteMinded blog. I joined their Yahoo Reader group. Here I rubbed elbows with authors such as Larissa Ione, Stephanie Tyler, Jaci Burton, Amy Knupp, Maya Banks aka Sharon Long. These ladies taught me what it meant to be a writer and to love what you write. This is also where I met someone by the name of Jambrea Gaff. At this point, I had been writing for three months. Jambrea convinced me to submit a story for a contest. The prompt was a woman finally telling the man she loved that she was in love with him. I submitted the story but didn’t place. My doubts rose, but Jambrea held on to her guns and they were pointed directly at me. lol

I joined several other groups over the next few months and seemed to keep running into Jambrea. I thought no one else could possibly be on the same wavelength and as nutty as I until a read a blog entry about “Manscaping,” written by a Lyrical Press author Cindy Jacks. I didn’t really get to know Cindy until we accepted the challenge to become co-moderators for the Lyrical Press Inc Yahoo group. I didn’t think it was possible for anyone to be so much like me. We can almost finish each other’s sentences. It’s scary sometimes. 🙂 Brea joined the group and the three of us went in search of groups to help us on our journey to becoming better writers. We found a group but it wasn’t quite right for us so we decided to create our own. We invited Sage Whistler to join us and we’ve been the “Fearless Foursome,” ever since. I’ve learned a lot from them. Without them, like Brea I don’t know where my writing would be now. Somewhere in there I’ve even found the time to join a Reviewers group.

Enter Faith Bicknell-Brown and her Sweet Anthology. Jambrea and I decided to go for it. I submitted my story Whispers in the Wind, this was an extended version of the story I entered into the contest. After about three weeks of nerves and worrying, I received an email from Faith with a contract offer. After being sick that entire weekend, that was the only news that could get me out of bed to email (of course to Brea and Cindy first) and make phone calls to spread my joy.

Along my journey I have met some great supportive authors, Jacki Frank, Biana D’Arc, Faith Brown, Cindy Jacks, Aubrey Leatherwood, MAS and TA Chase (personal stalker: Brea) Savannah Chase, Sharon Cullen, and the WriteMinded authors just to name a few. It’s been a great ride.

Well that’s my story. I hope I didn’t leave anything or anyone out. Thank you to my family, friends and all those who helped me achieve my goal. When it comes closer publishing time, I’ll give you all the details. Until then thanks for visiting and sharing in my joyous occasion. 


7 thoughts on “It’s Official!

  1. I am so proud and excited. You are great and I’m glad you got your first contract. This is one of many I’m sure! WooHoo!!!!

  2. Hey Nette,

    Popping to say that I am very happy for you and Jambrea as well. You ladies definitely have your wings!


  3. Thank you so much Aubrey! You when I look back it seems like a lot in such a short time. I’m so glad I had the chance to meet folks like yourself along the way. Smooches!

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