Oh No Writer’s Block!

You get up and tell yourself today I’m going to get so much work done. I’m going to write at least 3000 words today.

You sit down in front of the computer, open your word processor, and then nothing. You find yourself at your desk staring at a blank page. What happened to my inspiration? Why aren’t I writing? Now where did my charters disappear to? What was the plot twist again?

Oh then a glimpse of what you thought about writing. You begin to type feverishly, happy that your muse has returned with your story, characters and plot in hand and then. Nothing. You hit a wall and this time the block is worst than it was before and last longer than the last. You come to the decision that your efforts to write are futile. You’re wasting your time.

Here ladies and gents is what we refer to as the dreaded WRITER’S BLOCK! You are frustrated because you can’t write and you can’t write because you’re frustrated. So you end up getting nothing written at all.

We all suffer from writer’s block at one time or another, no matter how famous an author you are. Maybe there’s something else on your mind. Take the time to stop and examine what could be causing the block. If nothing comes to mind don’t beat yourself up about it. Just take a moment, step away from the computer or notepad. There nothing wrong with taking time to clear the cobwebs.

When the story is ready to be written it will come to you. You and your muse will be one and the story will flow from you like the waters of the great Mississippi.