One more reason to celebrate

My partner in crime, sister in literary art and all around good girl (okay well withing reason) Jambrea Gaff has been added to the list of new authors.

Jambrea received her contract offer this past weekend. This is her first among many.  Her story will be published in the same anthology for Freya’s Bowers Sweet series.

Jambrea and I have been writing partners for almost a year now. She has become both friend and critique over time. when I needed that very special kick in the butt she was there to give it to me and vice versa.  I am so proud and happy that we will share the best day of writing careers.

Congrats Brea!! You deserve it!


3 thoughts on “One more reason to celebrate

  1. Are you TRYING to make me cry! lol

    Thank you Nette. I am so happy that I get to share this with you.

    And ummm…why does your category STILL say Amateur Romance Writer. Huh missy! 😀

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