I crossed the line


So NaNo has come to a close for me. I’ve hit the 50,000 mark and still going. It’s been a great journey getting to know my characters and going along for the ride on their rollercoaster of ups and downs. This was my first year for NaNo but not my last.

In celebration I thought I’d share a small excerpt from my story. Don’t get to attached to it because it’s still in working mode. 🙂

Blurb: Unshakable You

The Macrodoids have returned but not alone. A powerful dark force is rising beyond the veil. A team of Galactic Alliance soldiers will stand to fight. The fate of the galaxy lies within their hands.

Lieutenant Commander Nailah Randolph is an officer of the Reagan, one of the finest and most powerful space vessels in the Alliance fleet. She has devoted her life to the service with dreams of becoming part of the elite GHOSTT (Galactic Hostile Operatives Special Tactics Team.) She has allowed nothing or anyone to stand in her way until…

Captain Chase Mortello has taken a new assignment as commanding officer of the Reagan after being part of the destruction of the greatest enemy of the galaxy. He’s looking to put as much distance between him and any memory of that mission as possible. He succeeds in doing just that until the massive number of missing persons is brought to the attention of the Alliance. He and his new first officer are assigned to seek out the source of these disappearances and destroy it. What they find along the way, may take them closer to the Captain’s past than either of them are prepared to go.

Excerpt: Unshakable You

Nailah was asleep when she was awakened by the sound of the doorbell buzzer. She rolled over and grabbed the clock from the night stand. “Oh my God, it’s three in the morning!”
She pushed the covers off. The curves of her naked body exposed to the artificial moonlight through the window. She reached for her robe, rubbed the sleep from her eyes and headed to answer the door. The sound of urgent knocking now joined the sound of insistent buzzing. “Whoever you are, at this hour this better be good!” She snatched open the door to find a disheveled Grimm. She snapped awake at the sight of him standing at her door.
“Sir?” He didn’t answer. “Captain Grimm, are you alright?” She stepped closer to him, and ran her hand down the length of his arm.
He trembled at the mere touch of her hand. “I’m sorry to wake you Nailah but–I needed to–I had to see you.” There was a faint tremor in his voice, it was deep and raspy, and the sound of it was painful. He looked like hell and his clothes appeared as if he had slept in them. She caught a glimpse of his eyes, they were red, and blood shot. His gazed down at the floor. In the short time that Nailah had known him, he had always exhibited a strong, controlled exterior. This was not the case today.
“Okay, come on in.” She opened the door wider for him to enter the apartment. “Grimm, you don’t look like you’ve gotten much sleep.”
“I haven’t slept yet. I’ve been thinking, actually I’ve been thinking a lot lately.”

He turned to face her, his emotions rolled across his grey eyes as the storm clouds across a wide southern sky before a downpour. The expression on his face made Nailah somewhat nervous. She had wrenched her hands so they had started to burn. She couldn’t tell what was on his mind. He clutched her hands so tightly her knuckles began to turn white. Grimm was never indecisive he always knew his next move. It was one of the things that she admired about him.

“They must have been some hellish thoughts. What is it, the mission?”
            “No, it’s not the mission, missions never give me worry. It’s you, I’ve been thinking about. I can’t get you out of my head.”


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