Happy Mother’s Day

It’s not an easy task to find  just the right gift you for that special lady. Have you started the coffee? How about breakfast? Cant’ cook? No worries, moms will never judge you on your culinary capabilites on this day. She’ll choked back the tears as she swallows and smiles. Burned or still raw, it’s all delicious. Because even on her day, she wouldn’t do or say anything to break her little angel’s heart.

So get up this morning and tell the woman who gave you life, wiped your nose and kissed all the boo-boos–no matter where they were, ‘Mom I luv ya!’ Give a a big wet kiss and hand her a tissue to wipe away the tears she’s been holding back since the first sip of coffee sweetened with maple syrup…well you were out of sugar. It’s got sugar in it. Right?

Love ya Mom!

Happy Mother’s Day to mine and all of your’s.