Autumn is finally here!

Hello all!

Living in the mountains definitely has its perks. I started my morning sitting out on my deck watching the sunrise over the mountain range. It’s quiet, no other member of my family is awake yet to enjoy the site of the blue jay perched atop the half-dead pine in my backyard or watch as the rabbit skitters across the grass to safety from the oncoming raindrops. 

As the raindrops become heavier, I grab what’s left of my mug of Gevalia raspberry coffee and blanket and retreat to the safety of the sliding glass door of my kitchen. It’s 55 degrees in the mountain this morning, expected overcast all day with a wonderful fall high of 62. Sounds like baking weather to me. 

As I look forward to the rest of the week and our highest temperature of 74 expected, I gladly smile and greet autumn as it approaching my door. It’s time for football games and homecoming. The time for sweaters and jackets will soon approach. Here in the mountains, we enjoy the beautiful mosaic of the magnificent changes in the colors of the leaves across the mountain ranges. Most of all, I welcome the season for a roaring blaze in my fireplace, a glass a wine and quiet time with the man I love. (Yes, it’s still possible with teenagers and a seven month old.)  🙂

Hello Autumn, I’ve been waiting for you!


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