Really? No…Really?!!

Has the world gone mad? I know, as if no one has ever asked that question before. Here we are in the year 2011 and with so many aspiring writers in the world, is someone seriously trying to tell me the best thing the entertainment world has to offer is a reality show starring Antoine Dodson?

Aren’t there enough senseless television shows on now? We’re used to seeing D List actors—not a problem. And who doesn’t enjoy hearing Kendra laugh every so often…just not too often. I’m sick of the Bachelor, Bachelorette, Rock & Flavor of Love, and let’s not forget New York…on the other hand—let’s.

I’m not even going to bother listing any of the other waste of airtime spread across the networks. I’m sure you’ve all seen them for yourselves, and some may have fallen into the guilty pleasure section of your brain. Bobby & Whitney…need I say more? Hell to the naw!

So here we go with Mr. Antoine ‘Hide Yo Kids…Hide Yo Wife’ Dodson. Mr. Dodson has brought us the “Hide Yo Kids…Hide Yo Wife” YouTube video—a video that went viral in mere internet seconds. The man whom with the assistance of the ‘Gregory Brothers’ has brought us such hits as ‘Bed Intruder Song’ has now shared with late night show host, George Lopez, that he has another hit in works, ‘Stupid (You So Dumb),’ produced by his sister. Oh I can’t wait for that to hit the streets.

The questions to me seems to be, why in the hell do I preach everyday to my two oldest children of the importance of an education, and taking advantage of every opportunity in their grasp? Why does my husband and I show our baby picture flashcards and teach her sign language? First, the answer to question two, it’s simple so she won’t be one of the babies screaming at daycare to express what it is that she wants or needs? The first question is even simpler than the second. We do this so our children will not be featured on YouTube, or any other platform for that matter, appearing in less than favorable likeness.

I know some would say, let him enjoy his fifteen minutes of fame. To that, I have to say, what’s fifteen minutes of fame compared to a lifetime of living in the shadow of an idiotic moment in time?

I hope he’s smart, and saves the money he makes.

I’m just saying.