Who wants to live forever?

Would I want to live forever? Let’s see…that’s a loaded question. Considering this question, means a lot to ponder.

  1. Will you continue to age? Or do you get that great vampire, no blemish wrinkle-free complexion.
  2. Will my financial status grow as my age increases?
  3. Can I take family along with me? I mean really, what is eternity if you have to live it alone?
  4. Can I die if I get bored?

So many other questions float around in my head when I think about this question. We’ve all seen, or heard of the Highlander movies. ‘There can be only one.’ In the year 2011, Conner MacLeod would be four hundred and eighty-three years young, and his clansman Duncan MacLeod, a spring chicken at four hundred nineteen. What I noticed right away was, Duncan was definitely hotter than Conner was, but that didn’t change the fact that there were other immortals who were willing to take his beautiful head just as quickly.

Now let’s take a look at the hottest immortals known to women. Vampire. I had my share of vampire crushes, Lestat de Lioncourt: Stewart Townsend not Tom Cruise, and Angelus/Angel to name a couple. I’ve even admired a vampire, Akasha. Now that was a demon that demanded respect…or she would burn you to bits in a blazing ball of fire. Vampires have forever beauty and riches, not to mention an insatiable sex drive. But, are they happy?

I guess that’s the most important question of all. Would I be happy living a life of immortality? Beauty cannot make life’s woes disappear. Great riches cannot fill the void of loneliness. In addition, no matter how long you live, without love, life is nothing.

Once again, I ask the question, who wants to live forever? I say as long as I have love and am loved, what an eternity it would be.

I say bring it on!

What about you?