Happy Valentine’s Day

I’ve been, utterly, unequivocally, perfectly in love with the same man for over twenty years.

Within these twenty years, I have three beautiful daughters, and man who looks at me no differently than the first day he laid eyes on me. Which kinda freaks me out sometimes, because those three daughters have surely left their mark on me over the years. lol

This man believes in me when I don’t believe in myself. He knows something isn’t right, before I utter a single word. He’s keyed into my every emotion, within him, I find myself. When I’m feeling troubled, inside his arms, is the safest place on earth. He’s always there to support my every whim. Sometimes I think he’d send a thank you card to my parents for having sex to have me–if he didn’t think they’d think it was inappropriate.

We are unbelievably close. Our fellow soldiers would ridicule  us, when after days and nights of long, grueling hours of training, all we wanted to do was to get back to each other. When most couples were looking to do ‘their own thing’, our ‘thing’ was each other. (Your were waiting for me to say doing each other, weren’t you? Naughty, naughty). We have our moments just like any other couple, believe that. We’re surely not perfect, just perfect for each other. If someone ever asked if I believed in the possibility of souls mates, I’d have to say, yes.

In twenty years, I still find my husband attractive. Even his dry sense of humor, which is an acquire taste, 🙂 still holds the same hilarity as it did in 1990 when we met. I still get butterflies in the pit of my stomach when he looks at me a certain way. He never forgets the truffles from my favorite chocolatiers, even when it’s not V-day or the fact that one of my favorite guilty pleasures are Tasty Cakes. And I never let our daughters forget, that if a man can’t treat and respect them the way their dad does, he’s not worth their time. I married a man. Not some man. Not any man. My man knows, when and how to be there for his family and I know will be there whenever we need him. Because that’s just who he is. He is so much more than I could have ever wished for.

So on this 2011 Valentine’s Day, I like to say…I love you and always will– to my husband, the father of my children and my best friend. It gets better with every passing year.

May your Valentine’s Day be a sweet one, filled with love and plenty of chocolates.