Gabrielle Donnelly’s The Little Women Letters

The Little Women Letters

As a fan of the original March girls, I was very interested in reading Gabrielle Donnelly’s The Little Women Letters.

Ms. Donnelly, breathed new life into a story that had fallen to the back of my mind and been simply forgotten as an adult. Sisterhood holds a bond that is completely sacred to those involve, and Donnelly captures that spirit blending our March sisters of old with the lives of the Atwater sisters. As a teen, I wondered where these women would go in their lives. What happened to them? The middle daughter Lulu, discovery of the lost letters helps shed light on the lives of the March girls and their family after the book. We find out there’s a different bond between the first sisters and the new set: Jo is the grandmother.

Lulu is on the road to self-discovery. Her older sister Emma is the centered, focused woman of the family, much like Meg in Little Women. Sophie, the baby of the family is young, vivacious, with talent to lead her to be the next big actress.

As with the original set of sisters, these three are very different with one main character bringing them together: Lulu. Words from her grandmother’s pen help Lulu to find her way as well as put things right for her family as well.

In a time where books about vampires and werewolves rule, The Little Women Letters proves to be a nice refreshing change. I recommend this book for any fan of the original Little Women, and any little women they may know. What a great summer read to take along to the lakeshore, beach or just a quiet porch.