Okay so…it’s been awhile

 Let’s face it, I was never the greatest blogger anyway and yes, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted on my first venture into social media. I’ve been a little busy in the past year and a half or so making a baby, learning what it means to be a mommy all over again, beginning to take my Avon business seriously to be able to stay at home with previously mentioned baby, began a new venture with two friends, trying to finish at least one of the thirty stories I’ve started in my database, all while trying to be a wife and mother for my family . What this is called people is SPREADING YOURSELF TOO THIN!

I didn’t think it was possible, but I’m finally admitting it to the person who needs to know this…me. During this process I’ve found that attempting to do so many things in my life, I’m neglecting most. I considered myself to be the queen of multitasking only to later read an article that proved that multitasking is NOT a good thing. Here I am thinking this is a great quality to process, and the corporate positions I’ve held tended to agree as well. In day-to-day life, with a toddler demanding cookies and cake for breakfast, two teenagers going in different directions, team members who need my assistance, and a husband who seems to have been left in the cold by my ever shifting focus, I find that multitasking no longer works for me.

So today I declare–“Today is the day I take back my sanity!” I know, I know, I haven’t quite figured out how to do that yet, but I’m working on it. I’ve started with a family calendar. I already see a change in using it. I now know where my teens are and what time and how many times Super Why will air between PBS and Sprout. I can calculate what time I need to have dinner prepared and for how many, and not go ballistic when my husband being on call can change that at the sound of a ringtone.

I’ve placed more restrictions on myself in the past year or so than the U.S. Army did during my years with my fellow soldiers. I’m learning to come to grips with being a stay-at-home mom after over thirty years of working for someone else and being told what to do. It’s a new experience to start my day in my PJs and not be required to get out of them before 0700am.

“Take time for yourself today.” The last words I hear from my husband everyday, but never take action upon. Well I think it’s time.

Let’s begin…


2 thoughts on “Okay so…it’s been awhile

  1. Girl, you know I sympathize 🙂 But I applaud your honesty with yourself and I know you’ll take back your sanity! I have faith! HUGS!

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