Hmm…What to do with a rainy day in the mountains

What to do. What to do.

On a day like to today, when Mother Nature can’t decide if she’s watering the buds of Spring or show off her power with a mighty roll of thunder accompanied by a bright clash of lightning, I revert back to being a young adult. I go to my book shelf of dvds and pull what? The Twilight Series. Yes folks…Twilight.

I love the power struggle between light and dark. The same old Romeo and Juliet story, spun this time with Vampire and Werewolf twist. I even like the love triangle between Edward, Bella and Jacob. (I’m Team Jasper BTW) But what I absolutely love the most is watching how horrible the first director’s vision was, and change over a course of four movies to grow into something worth watching with the other directors. While still being a story designed for folks mostly one third of my age, I have to admit the saga has become my guilty pleasure. I now find myself waiting to see the outcome of  Breaking Dawn more than my teenage daughter.

Yes, I could have selected something from my selves that was more age appropriate to fill the hours in my day. Something like The Book of Eli or From Paris with Love, but…why? When life has become already oh so real, why not escape to a world where the protagonist is one that will never appear in daily life?

So on this stormy day, I decided to allow my brain cells to rest. I think I’ve accomplished my mission. If I concentrate really hard, I can almost hear the pitter-patter of irresponsibility creeping up behind me.

Uh-oh…with the question of what to prepare for dinner slipping into my head maturity returns.