Jill Smolinksi’s Objects of my Affection

Let me just say this book pulls you in from the start. You have two women, from different walks of life, they seem so different, but soon find they’re more alike than they know.

Marva—the 65 year-old artist, alone by choice, surrounding herself with “things” rather than people to comfort herself in the house she’s inherited and lives out of necessity. Lucy on the other hand has given up everything in her life to send her drug addicted son to rehab. Both women has loved and lost but see’s people an things in two totally different ways.

Blend these two personalities together in what seems to be a hopeless situation, trying to clear out Marva’s home which could be featured on the next episode of Hoarders you get a wonderfully witty and emotional story about two woman trying to find their way in life after losing the things that were so important to them. Find out how these two women find common ground in a house filled with “things”, two sons that hate their mothers, and past loves and tribulations to bond together in Jill Smolinski’s latest book, Object of my Affection.

Smolinski has written a warm, entertaining read that ask what’s important enough in life to keep and what mean so much less and that we need to know when and how to let go.

I definitely recommend this book for your to be read summer pile.