Sniper Elite: One-Way Trip Scott McEwen, Author

clip_image001IN DIRECT DEFIANCE of the president’s orders, Navy Master Chief Gil Shannon, one of America’s most lethal SEAL snipers, launches a bold mission comprised of SEAL Team Six and Delta Force fighters to free a captured female helicopter pilot being held by Taliban insurgents in Afghanistan.

The president is afraid a botched rescue could jeopardize US foreign policy as well as end his presidency. But once the special ops community learns that one of their own—the first female helicopter pilot of the Army’s elite 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (SOAR)—is being held and brutally mistreated, there is no executive order strong enough to stop them from attempting to rescue her.

This fast-paced, action-packed thriller with incredibly realistic and blistering battles introduces a new American hero, Gil Shannon, whose iron will and expertise with the .308 Remington Modular sniper rifle will spell the difference between freedom and an ignoble death for America’s female POW.

Sniper Elite is a wonderfully written military suspense novel. So much so, it had me longing for the days of my own military career. A military story without a doubt, but definitely written for even a person of nonmilitary background could enjoy as well. Filled with much intense action and, and high energy, I found it hard to believe that this book was mostly fiction, with a splash of actual special op missions. McEwen brings you into the real world of war.

Master Chief Gil Shannon is a REAL military man. One who lives, breathes and bleed, for each tour of duty and service. As hardcore as he may be, there is still a human core to this man, Shown by the love he expresses to his wife Marie.

While providing support during a black ops mission to observe a military training exercise in Afghanistan, their group is attacked by terrorists. Warrant Officer Sandra Brux, the first female pilot to serve in the elite Night Stalkers, is captured Sandra. The only survivor of the attach, she is taken prisoner and held at a secret location. A ransom is demanded for her release, but Brux is featured being brutally tortured, in a video sent to the government to receive a hasty payment.

The decision is delayed by considerations of how it will affect the upcoming re-election. If the public discovers the gender, and service record of the capture soldier, there could be backlash as to why there was a delay in her rescue. During the process of waiting for the President and his advisors to make a decision.

Shannon as had enough waiting, and pairs together with an Afghani translator assigned to the U.S. to roll out a rescue mission, combining a secret team of SEAL and DELTA Operatives. With a heartfelt call to his wife to make her understand this may be a one-way mission, Shannon sets out on a mission that without government support, may mean death for everyone on the team.

This was an awesome read, written so well that it takes you into the situations faced everyday by our military and special forces teams. Some of which may never be known by the public sector. For the love of country, and brotherhood of the individuals that serve by your side, decisions are made an carried out sometimes without the support that should be given to these brave souls. Thank you Scott McEwen for understanding, and painting a picture of truth with your words.

From the coauthor of the #1 New York Times bestselling American Sniper, this “inspired by true events” thriller follows one of America’s most lethal snipers as he leads the rescue of a downed female Special Ops pilot.

clip_image003Scott McEwen (1961- )is a trial attorney in San Diego, California. He grew up in the mountains of Eastern Oregon where he became an Eagle Scout; hiking, fishing, and hunting at every opportunity presented. He obtained his undergraduate degree in Oregon and thereafter studied and worked extensively in London, England. Scott works with and provides support for several military charitable organizations, including the Seal Team Foundation.

Scott’s interest in military history, intense patriotism, and experience with long-range hunting rifles, compelled him to accurately record the battlefield experiences of Chris Kyle, the most lethal sniper in United States military history.