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Something From Nothing Leaves Greatness!

A View from Avon’s former CEO Andrea Jung–“You are about to read Avon’s “fairy tales,” except these are true stories about real women who have changed their own lives and the lives of so many others. Over the past decade, I have met and recognized these 22 women on stage many times. I have listened to their individual stories with amazement and witnessed first-hand their impact on countless others. They have personally inspired me, and so many others, to reach further and believe that with direct selling dreams can come true. Each of these extraordinary leaders has a fundamental belief in the power of sharing their successes and the responsibility that comes with serving as the company’s ultimate role models”.  Andrea Jung Executive, Chairman Avon Products Inc.

A few months ago I got my hand on a copy of the latest book from some of Avon’s elite leaders, “A View From The Top.” Inside the leaders share their stories and strategies to succeed.

I found the book to helpful and motivational. Since reading it, I’ve meet so many other leaders who are not only forthcoming, but anxious to share information and strategies to assist with my business. I’ve been adopted by one as an honorary team member, a guided spiritually by another. This book is not a step by step guide to build your business, but inspirational memoir of those who did not have, and climbed their way to the top with different levels of knowledge and education. What I’ve learned from these testimonies is that it’s possible for anyone to succeed, you just have to want it bad enough. To want it bad enough requires you to possess the will, and determination to grasp your future by throat and say, “Let’s go! You’re coming with me!” Set your eyes on the prize of what your vision of success looks like. Not now, but what it looks like once you’ve completed your drive to the top.

At the end of each chapter the author/leader’s contact information has been included. Why? To make the end of the chapter look good? To separate one story from the next. No. It’s so you can reach out and ask them for guidance. I used to think that once you arrived at this level in Avon you were untouchable. These ladies and gentleman are anything but untouchable. They instill the strength and hope that keeps us all going everyday. Especially on the days we feel like giving up.

Anyone interested in Avon for making a little extra income or searching for a new career should read this book. If you’re already a representative you should read this book. Don’t think this is not for you, because when you read between these pages, what you’ll find are men and woman who’ve been down on their luck. They’ve wondered where and when their next meal may come. They’ve been alone, and looking for a change. Something that would take them to a place of refuge in their lives. You may even find someone, who was where you are right now.

Read their amazing stories, and find encouragement to succeed within yourself. We’re all different. What may work for one, may not work for all. What you have to brand into your mind is to never, ever give up. When you reach the end of your rope, and you’ve tied a knot, and hanging on with one hand…use the other to reach out to one of these gracious leaders for help. It may be the call that you need to reach your envisioned future.

Purchase this book from Amazon, or any of the AVON Leaders inside.

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A review of Joanna Trollope’s Daughters-in-Law written

clip_image001As Anthony and Rachel Brinkley welcome their third daughter-in-law to the family, they don’t quite realize the profound shift that is about to take place. For different reasons, the Brinkleys’ two previous daughters-in-law hadn’t been able to resist Rachel’s maternal control and Anthony’s gentle charm and had settled into their husbands’ family without rocking the boat.

But Charlotte—very young, very beautiful, and spoiled—has no intention of falling into step with the Brinkleys and wants to establish her own household. Soon Rachel’s sons begin to think of their own houses as home and of their mother’s house as simply the place where their parents live—a necessary and inevitable shift of loyalties that threatens Rachel’s sense of herself, breaks Anthony’s heart, and causes unexpected consequences in all the marriages. Then a crisis brings these changes to the surface, and everyone has to learn what family love means all over again.

Rachel and Anthony have three sons, all so very different, as are their wives. Edward, the eldest, is married to Sigrid. A Scandinavian woman who has bore him a daughter. There life seems perfect and orderly. They’d introduced their middle son, Ralph, to his wife Petra. She’d been a student in Anthony’s art class. The two have two sons, whose care seems to fall mainly on Petra’s shoulders. Their youngest, Luke, is ready to take a bride of his own. However, Charlotte isn’t quite the fit to the family as their previous daughter-in-laws. Rachel is a mother who takes pride in being the nexus of her family, and for her, this new addition to the family proves to be a somewhat difficult transition.

As with many families what appears on the outside, is only a façade of what is just below the service. Secrets, among the couples, are heading to a boiling point and the structures of the family are being tested, especially Rachel’s role as head of every family. The final blow come on the tail of financial difficulties for one of the sons. Rachel sees this as a problem for the entire family and of course another opportunity for her to fix things. This seems to be the moment the family needed to get real with one another.

This is the first of Joanna Trollope‘s books that I’ve read and once again, I have found another author to add to my list of favs. Her new book, Daughters In-Law, covers an array of emotion that I’m sure have been felt by every married woman with in-laws during some time in their marriage.

I found Trollope’s ability to show each character’s side of the story enlightening. She successfully weaves the lives of her characters into a tight little package, reflecting how they all influence each other’s outcome as well as their own. I really enjoyed the story and I’m sure others will too.

A great lounging on the beach, while sipping on a Pina Colada while a summer breeze blows through your hair, read. Go out and get it now for your summer reading list.