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The Only Disability In Life Is A Bad Attitude

bad attitideWe’ve all had bad days. Some more than others, but to quote Matthew Jeffers, ‘At the end of the day, life is simply unfair.”

What we must remember is, it’s not only unfair for one; it is unfair for all. Life does not discriminate. It is not color-blind. It doesn’t judge by what you have and what you don’t have. It simply is—life. As we go through life feeling sorry for ourselves because we didn’t complete a task, or we didn’t achieve one goal or another, we must take into consideration and ask ourselves, “Did I allow myself to fail?” “Did I convince myself, that what I really wanted wasn’t possible? “Did the fear of success, frighten me to limit of stopping me in my tracks.”

I’m here to tell you the answer to all of these questions are—yes. We have to power to raise ourselves up and beyond what we perceive to be success, but we also have the power create our own failure. We have the potential to do whatever we please, but be careful when using that word, “POTENTIAL.” A wise person once told me, ‘We have to be careful about our use of the word potential. Because it can go either way.”

Now if you’re like me, you’ve always thought when someone has potential that’s a positive thing. It’s a driving force! Well, it is. The question is, where will that potential drive you? If you possess the potential to do great things, and you believe it, it’ll drive you to the mountain tops of success. However, if you possess the potential to fail, then success will not be in your future simply because you lack the ability to see it. Failure to see the “BIG PICTURE’ can be damaging to your future. Our attitude towards our failures, an disappointments in life shape how we will continue, if we continue.

Now folks don’t think I’m talking to you from atop my high horse, because I’ve been that failed potential. I’ve also been that potential of success and succeeded to great things. I honestly think that in life we must experience both to take in the big picture of what’s important to us. What pulls on our emotional compass and directs us to whom we shall become. Greatness is in us all. It is only for us to discovery it, nourish it, and nurture it into the dreams that we hold dear. A change in our attitude, could be the very essence that big change in our life. It is up to us to find our emotional compass, and…DRIVE IT LIKE WE STOLE IT!